Employment Opportunities at Island Adventure Park

We are a drug and alcohol free work place (I test)

The following positions are currently available as part-time and full-time.
Requirements for all positions: Minimum age is 18 years and must be physically able to perform the individual job requirements. US citizenship, or, qualified to legally work in the USA. Able to clearly speak English is also required.

Workplace Compatibility: We are a family run and orientated business. We love what we do and who we work with. If you’re willing to work as hard as we do and aren’t a slacker, gossiper, gripper, whiner, or blow hard, we have a place you will love to work. ¬†Also, If you’re any of the afore mentioned, don’t bother applying.

Horse Trail Boss: This position requires basic horse care and horse riding knowledge. We’re damned good at what we do and we’ll teach you our safety and riding procedures. We will respect your input, and if it’s viable, we may incorporate it into our route. But don’t even think you’re going to “tell” us how to do what we’ve professionally done for 25 years. The record, so far, for the shortest employment period is 7 minutes. I don’t intend to put you off but rather set the boundaries up-front.

CDL Driver: One position is available for an individual with a valid Texas CDL. I have one semi truck for hauling hay, water, feed, horses and poles locally. There will be an occasional longer overnight trip. This position will work best when combined with one or more of our other positions.

Reservations and Sales: In the sales office. Good phone and verbal communication skills are important. Honesty and the proper handling of money are crucial requirements.

If you have any interest in any of the positions offered above, please send us your resume to: [email protected] or call (956) 761-4677.

We hope to see you soon,